Soho‎– Public Realm Review

Westminster City Council have employed the services of expert Public Realm Consultants, Publica, to review the state of the Public realm within Soho and suggest ideas and priorities as to how it can be improved.

Attached are a number of plans showing existing, proposed and possible schemes upon which public consultation is now running. Public realm in Soho has suffered relative to other areas and now that the major schemes in and around Great Windmill Street and Denman Street, the Trenchard House Scheme and Berwick Street as well as Walkers Court are happening it gives an opportunity to trigger a major review of the look and feel of the pavements and roadways.

The recent upgrade of pavements from tarmac to paving stones on Dean Street show what an effect this can have and the resurfacing of the road way and works undertaken in Peter Street give us an idea of what can be achieved.

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