Special Policy Area for Mayfair to protect arts usages

The recent planning applications for Cork Street, which were covered extensively in earlier blog entries, put into sharp relief the pressure that specialist traders and shops are coming under given the unrelenting rise in property values and rentals throughout the West End.

One of the many great things about the West End is the specialist retailers and service providers who, for historic reasons, congregated in particular parts of the West End. The bespoke tailoring business is protected within the Savile Row Special Policy Area and a consultation is now in place to create a similar protection for arts and antiques uses in Mayfair and indeed in neighbouring St James’s.

Your thoughts and views on these proposals will help to shape the framework to protect them for future generations.

You have until 14 February 2014 in which to make your thoughts known and a link to the consultation document is attached:

Mayfair _ StJamess FINAL for publication.pdf -

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