Fitzroy Place Development

Please see below the Fitzroy Place Newsletter for February 2014 for the latest works and upcoming activities:

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4 Responses to “Fitzroy Place Development”

  1. Cllr Glanz -- you may recall I contacted you in regard to commemorating the Middlesex Hospital in the name of the square. Well, we lost that one despite a well-supported petition, and I was told by Council that it was essentially a done deal. Now we find that Exemplar wish to add insult to injury and rename the Middlesex Hospital Chapel, airbrushing local history. Please don't let this happen. Or is this a done deal too?

  2. Will be very interested to hear news of Middlesex Hospital chapel development & very much hope that there will be some concession made to recognising its historical connection & significance to the hospital.

  3. Clir Glanz... please lets retain the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel with reference to the renaming of the Chapel. The hospital was one of the worlds best teaching hospitals, Winston Churchill thought so too, as he was a patient there. Some of our nations finest physicians and surgeons practices there too.. the amazing caliber of all Doctors and Nurses that were lucky enough to train there is renowned also.
    Please retain the Middlesex name and don't wipe it off the map.

  4. So much history has been destroyed with the Middlesex Hospital. How anyone got away with demolishing it I do not know. Please retain the chapel as a chapel, with the name it has always had, The Middlesex Hospital Chapel, and ensure it is kept open as a public building.