Public Drinking Water Fountain in Soho's Ham Yard Hotel

Since I was elected in 2009 I have been campaigning for the restoration and introduction of public drinking water fountains in the West End. They provide free potable water without the need to ship in bottled and canned drinks associated with all the comings and goings required to deliver and remove such packaging. 

Drinking water from a fountain is up to 3000 times greener than alternative provision and provides a welcome facility for those just wanting to wet their whistle. Firmdale Hotels Limited, the developers of the new Ham Yard Hotel, accepted the challenge of creating a public drinking water fountain and have installed it in the new public space, shortly to be completed at their development.

I had a sneak preview with owner, Tim Kemp, today of the fabulous new facilities due to open on 1 June which will transform an area of Soho which was derelict for decades into a vibrant, welcoming and suitably quirky hotel, restaurant and artisans shops together with a bowling alley and theatre which will serve the local community. The developers have planted several semi-mature trees and incorporated some wonderful art both in the new public space created and the hotel itself.

 However, I am proudest of the drinking fountain which provides both for the needs of humans and dogs and is inscribed with Plato's quote “The madness of love is the greatest of heaven's blessings”.

 I hope the drinking fountain and the development will be a great success.

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