Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum update

Update from Mike Dunn at Mayfair Local:

In January 2014, Westminster City Council formally acknowledged the designation of the Mayfair Forum, a business and residential neighbourhood forum with the statutory right to create a Neighbourhood Plan outlining general planning policies on development and land use in the neighbourhood.

To most of us, the UK planning system is a dark art. However, thanks to the Localism Act 2011, local neighbourhoods now have the power to strip away all of that ‘mystery’, and create local planning policies that can make a very real difference to their communities. This new power to create neighbourhood plans is the most fundamental change to planning policy making for a generation. It’s finally given local communities a seat in the front, alongside the local planning authority, to drive forward planning policy on a wide range of issues (see below).
To this end we have appointed Tibbalds Planning consultants who will help us undertake a study phase, collecting the views and opinions of local people on the place they would like Mayfair to be. This will then be used to develop a Neighbourhood Plan setting out how we safeguard Mayfair’s special character whilst building long-term vitality. The plan will influence across a spectrum of issues including development, conservation and public space whilst also expressing a view on matters such as licencing, air quality and traffic management.
The Neighbourhood Plan will cost in the region of £100,000 to prepare and implement. Therefore we need your help:
1. Join the forum and work with us in creating a shared vision for Mayfair.

2. Support the future success of Mayfair through making a contribution to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Joining the Forum gives members the ability to influence the future of Mayfair. This will be achieved through helping to create a Plan that reflects local needs. Once adopted the Plan will have statutory status giving local residents and businesses real power in shaping the development of our neighbourhood.
Mayfair Local is also a forum for a shared agenda on non-planning issues where businesses and residents will implement ideas to drive long term success and community vitality.
Details regarding membership can be found on the website at For corporate membership please go to
All members will receive regular updates of the forum’s progress and activities, including how to get involved in preparing the plan. In the meantime, we would also love to hear from you, so please feel free to email on and we try to answer any questions you may have.
To find out more, please come and see us at Summer in the Square in Grosvenor Square on 17th,18th and 19th July. You will have the chance to sign up, as well as share with us your views on how we can make Mayfair amazing.
Yours truly
Mike Dunn



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