MOPAC Update: Mayor hosts summit as London turns a corner on gangs


Freedom to love, not to hate

I am proud to say that our capital is home to one of the largest and most visible LGBT populations in the world, and this month I had the honour of speaking at Pride in London and unveiling our first rainbow crossing on behalf of the Mayor.
However, some people are still targeted by criminals just because of who they are. It's wrong, and that's why MOPAC is consulting on a new Hate Crime Reduction Strategy.
Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor for Policing & Crime


Mayor hosts summit as London turns a corner on gangs

London is a safe city, and is getting safer. At a major international summit at City Hall the Mayor said: 'London has turned a corner with gang crime and serious youth violence down in the capital but I recognise we have more to do. This is about taking a nose to tail approach... working to ensure they are not drawn into gang culture in the first place'.

£125 million raised from Met estate sales to reinvest in policing

The sale of 32 buildings that were no longer operationally required raised £124.5m against an original target of £40 million and delivered full year savings of £12.5m in running costs -- enough to pay for the employment of over 200 police officers annually. 700 residential units have been created on former police sites, supporting over 2,000 jobs.

Get involved

MOPAC Challenge - 14 July

You are invited to attend MOPAC Challenge, where our panel will be joined by partners and experts to consider how the Metropolitan Police Service's recruitment practices can be improved to build a force that looks more like London.

Hate Crime Reduction Strategy

That London is one of the most diverse cities in the world is cause for great celebration, and we must continue to confront discrimination head on. MOPAC is consulting on a new Hate Crime Reduction Strategy, to stop further victimisation.


MOPAC Annual Report 2013/14

With 120 fewer victims of crime every day and savings made of £240 million in 2013/14, we have laid the foundations to reduce crime and boost confidence, whilst cutting costs. MOPAC's annual report outlines the progress we have made to date.

Speech: 'Principles for Policing'

Speaking at the ACPO conference on 18th June, Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor for Policing And Crime, outlined how the police can adapt to the  new challenges they face, setting out five 'Principles for Policing in Austerity'.

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