Reducing rough sleeping in Hanover Square Gardens

A joint project between Westminster Council, Crosstail and the Metropolitan Police has seen success in tackling the prevelence of rough sleepers in Hanover Square Gardens. 

Redesign work, which has now been completed, has been undertaken in the Gardens to reduce the opportunities for rough sleepers to store bedding materials and sleep in the gardens overnight. 


The works were completed after advice from a Crime Prevention Design Advisor at Westminster, and have seen Crossrail increase the hoarding on the west side of the park where there was an encampment of bedding materials, the hoarding is now flush with the fencing to reduce opportunities for rough sleeping and storage of materials.


Crossrail have also provided flood lights on the north side of the gardens at night in order to make it less attractive for rough sleepers.

These welcome improvements should help combat the problem of rough sleeping in the Gardens.


If you have any concerns about rough sleepers, or are in need of assistance, please contact the rough sleeping hotline on 0207 641 3841 or via email

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