Upgrades to London Cycle Network

With the announcement that London Mayor Boris Johnson is going ahead with the his flagship Cycle Highway linking Hyde Park with Tower Hill (pending Transport for London Board approval on 4th February) the debate surrounding cycling in London has continued to grow. Although there are still a large number of obstacles (adverse weather, dangerous driving, careless pedestrians to name but a few) facing cyclists in the city, cycling is proving to be an ever-growing popular method of transport for those travelling to and around the City of Westminster. This growth is fuelled by the widespread availability of Barclays Cycle Hire throughout the Borough, introducing cycling to a much wider audience.

Within the West End Ward, I believe we have one of the most diverse and accommodating cycling infrastructures in the city, from the chic higgledy-piggledy streets of Soho to the urban jungle of Oxford Street and surrounding streets. The East-West Cycle Superhighway proposal, recently closed to public consultations will see, if agreed, a largely segregated cycle route throughout Central London from Tower Hill to Acton. This segregation from traffic will allow for a much clear and convenient route for cyclists and increased safety for both cyclist and other road users. Coming up Constitution Hill and travelling through the Ward by Hyde Park Corner, users of the route will be treated with cutting through Hyde Park, crossing the Serpentine and back on to Westbourne Terrace.

I welcome upgrades to the cycle network and hope this investment is a big step forward in making London a safer and more accommodating city to cyclists. 

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