Crime Prevention Advice to ensure your visit to the West End

The Metropolitan Police have issued useful advise for residents and visitors to the West End as we enter the peak summer tourist season. Over the last 12 months we have seen a reduction in theft from the person offences of 18.9% and a reduction in personal robbery offences of 32% across Westminster, following the straight forward advice from the Met we can reduce these even further.

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If you are planning to visit one of  Westminster's many entertainment venues over the coming weeks then please follow these simple crime prevention steps to avoid becoming a victim of crime:

1.Don’t drink too much
Drunk people look drunk.  If you drink too much it is obvious to people watching and you are more likely to become a victim.  Know your limit and stop!

2. Plan your journey home in advance
If you don't plan your journey home before you start drinking you are more likely to have to wait around and become a victim of crime.  Don’t use unlicensed taxis.

3. Look after your friends
You are more vulnerable when drinking.  Stay together and be responsible for each other.  If you see a friend drinking too much have a word with them.  Don't let them end the night in an ambulance or a police cell.

4. Protect your property
Don't give thieves an opportunity. Don't leave coats and bags on the floor or backs of chairs. Know where your phone is.  Use cloakrooms to store property safely.


- Ensure it's harder for thieves to get at your phone by making a habit of keeping it in a secure or zipped pocket
- If you are getting out your phone out in the street, don't attract attention to it - try to avoid texting/checking it as you are walking along and be especially alert when taking it out as you emerge from a train/tube station - these are often hotspots.
- Keeping both hands on the phone and holding it away from the road side of your body can make it harder from thieves on pedal or motorbikes to snatch it from you.
- Never leave your phone unattended in a public place and don't leave it lying in front of you on a table as you could become prey to distraction theft. A lot of thefts occur in pubs, restaurants or concerts where the phone is left in handbags or unattended jackets
- Don't leave your phone in an unattended car - if you must, lock it out of sight. It only takes seconds for a thief to smash a window and steal it

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