Take action to get faster broadband speeds in Westminster

As part of my ongoing efforts to address broadband urban not-spots , I am delighted that Westminster City Council have been pushing BT and other internet providers to improve the availability of superfast fibre broadband services in the West End and across Westminster on behalf of our residents and businesses.

I am delighted that BT have commitment to roll-out of fibre broadband where it can be demonstrated that there is sufficient demand. It is therefore vital that residents and businesses alike join forces with  Westminster City Council to help demonstrate the demand for faster broadband connections in the West End exists.

Westminster have therefore set up a website through which people can sign up to calling on BT to provide superfast fibre broadband in the West End (and other areas) for residents and businesses. Please visit www.westminster.gov.uk/broadband to add your voice to the campaign.

For business users, it is also worth noting the Government's superfast broadband ‘connection voucher’ for small and medium sized firms (SMEs), worth up to £3,000, which is available for use with BT OpenReach companies and also with other broadband providers not tied into the BT OpenReach network. SMEs can club together within multi-occupation buildings to combine their vouchers and reduce the costs of connection. 

The Government’s broadband connection voucher web page for London is:

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