Rough Sleeping - MPS Update, Marble Arch

On Wednesday the 20th May there was a partnership operation between the Metropolitan Police Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, Romanian Police Officers here on an EU exchange project, and WCC Residential Services City Inspectors to target rough sleeping/begging issues around Marble Arch and Edgware Road. Over the previous week there had been complaints from residents and businesses affected by this problem and the MPS obtained Community Impact Statements from them.

As a result of the operation, there were 13 Formal Warnings issued in relation to the new powers around Community Protection Notices to individuals who were found to be begging. Should these persons be seen in the area again, committing the same offence, they can now be issued with Community Protection Notices which can specify that they are prevented from entering this area again. All 13 individuals had their Romanian ID cards photographed and the details entered onto the MPS secure database.

In addition, due to the large number of Foreign Nationals gathered at Marble Arch, a Romanian Police Officer read out the offence of begging and explained to them the process of a Community Protection Notice. This was seen as the best way forward due to the number within the group who could not read any notice that would have been issued.

At the time of this operation several of the Foreign Nationals requested assistance in going home. This information was passed onto Operation Encompass for the following night, including UKBA, and when asked again about reconnection to go home no one made the request.

An MPS Neighbourhood Link update has been sent out in regards to this Operation to contacts from ORB/Hyde Park who are all affected by this issue.

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