West End Starved of High Speed Internet

Many residents and business in the West End and elsewhere in Westminster are frustrated by the inability to access cost-effective superfast broadband. Small and medium sized businesses which make up the bulk of those operating in the West End are told by BT that they should be able to operate on the residential standard basis which operate on a shared arrangement , not unlike the old party-lines which means that the limited bandwidth available is divided and rationed between many users. At busy times their access to the internet and email is effectively slowed down to make the running of a business in the 21st century practically impossible. As use of the internet increases and programmes need more band with the position will only get worse.

As Lead Member for Broadband and Connectivity my inbox is full of those complaining of the lack of service and whilst larger businesses can fend for themselves and have a wide choice of higher capacity providers , smaller businesses and residents are told that there is no prospect of upgrading the 4 exchanges in Westminster for a better service that can be provided by Fibre to the Cabinet as BT, who control the infrastructure state ”there is no demand” and it is prohibitively expensive to do so in central London because the residential population “not sufficiently dense”.

This is clearly counter-intuitive and , in my view, nonsense.

In order to address this, and enjoy the unheard of luxury of being able to watch a programme on Netfix without it constantly stopping for buffering we need to provide evidence of demand.

Please follow the link and this on the Westminster City Council website (https://www.westminster.gov.uk/broadband) to show that there is indeed demand to help us get broadband fit for a World class city in the 21st Century.

An investigation, has shown that 341,592 residents across London are without high-speed broadband connection. London’s average internet speed is 25Mbps which makes it one of the worst capital cities in. It is important that we take the time to campaign and invest in this area to help bring the capital back up to a competitive international standard.

Surprisingly Westminster is the borough at the bottom of the pack with 103,000 of its residents without high-speed broadband connection. The map (below), recently produced by The Mayor of London, shows details of black spots across London. By visiting http://maps.london.gov.uk/webmaps/nextgenbroadband/ you will be able to search your postcode and will be given the chance to request faster broadband for the borough.

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