Supporting St Anne's Church & Grosvenor Chapel, Berwick Street Market- Potential Changes, Welcoming Affordable Housing in the West End

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Supporting St Anne's Church, Soho, and Grosvenor Chapel

I am pleased to support funding for projects at St Anne’s Church and Grosvenor Chapel from the ward budget.

St Anne’s Church is seeking funding to improve the building’s entrance. The new design, which has been produced by architecture students from Central St Martin’s: the University of the Arts London, will include neon signage and clear glass doors.

An artist’s impression of the proposed design can be seen on the left. If you would like to donate to the fundraising pot please fill in the form attached here.

The Grosvenor Chapel, in Mayfair, is seeking funding for a community art project.

The project will include local art workshops across the area, to take place until the end of April.

An exhibition will then be held in the Grosvenor Chapel from the end of April until July.

Berwick Street Market- Potential Changes

As a West End Ward Councillor, and a proud supporter of our local businesses and independent traders, I, like many, am concerned by the proposal to contract Berwick Street Market out to a private management company. 

Council officers have reviewed the market, and have decided that the responsibility of running it will be transferred to a private operator from June this year, and there may be long term benefits for the Market in doing so.

I believe that wherever possible we should promote our small businesses or risk the character of the West End changing forever.

A consultation is due to take place which will include existing traders and local residents, and I will report back when the results of this are announced. Please make your views count in this process.

Ensuring that Parking Restrictions are Enforced

A number of residents have contacted me over recent weeks about the removal of yellow lines in Bourdon Street, and elsewhere in Mayfair.

I believe that parking restrictions should be fairly enforced in the street, and across Westminster, and have been working with council officers and colleagues to address the issue.

If you notice any issues relating to this please report them to Westminster City Council using the 'report it' function here:

Dealing with Rough Sleeping in Cavendish Square & Portland Place and Beyond

Rough sleeping has become an issue across certain parts of the ward, particularly in Cavendish Square and Portland Place.

A number of tents are being put up by rough sleepers across the ward, and I have been working alongside officers to tackle these issues.

As a result, a series of operations are taking place across the area to remove the tents, and an enforcement strategy has been agreed for all similar issues in future.

All new tents emerging are being tackled using the agreed strategy as well, but it may take some time for them all to be removed.

Working on Busking-Related Anti-Social Behaviour

Many residents and businesses have contacted me because of anti-social behaviour related to busking in the Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street (ORB) area. 

I have been working alongside council officers and the police to ensure that residents and shoppers have the best possible experience whilst in the ORB area, and to ensure that the local tube stations are not obstructed.

Officers have been liaising with local residents and businesses, and this is helping the enforcement teams to identify hotspot areas.

As a result of our action six penalty warnings have been issued, with the vast majority of issues being resolved fairly quickly.

If you have any information relating to anti-social behaviour in the ORB area do not hesitate to contact the local police team. Their details can be found here.

The Greater London Authority are currently in the process of setting up a licensed busking system, and I will be working alongside officers, residents and businesses to ensure this does not negatively affect our area.

Welcoming Affordable Housing in the West End

I am pleased to inform residents that four new affordable housing units are available in the Ward.

The units will cost less than £230,000 per unit, and will be adjoining Kemp House, in Berwick Street.

This initiative, negotiated by CityWest Homes on behalf of the council, will be a welcome addition to our area. 

In addition, the Council has agreed to fund an extension of short leases on part of Soho Housing Association's portfolio to ensure that the homes will continue to be available for Affordable Housing use for a further 90 years.

Too many of the next generation of homeowners are being priced out of the market, especially here in London, and I believe that anything we can do to reduce the cost of housing in London is to be welcomed.

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