The Dangers of Pedestrianising Oxford Street: My Letter in the @EveningStandard

Sadiq Khan’s pledge to tackle air pollution by pedestrianising Oxford Street is, while well-intentioned, also utterly unworkable. It would have severe implications, with traffic displaced to the roads north and south of Oxford Street, bus routes used by many Londoners disrupted and delivery trucks parked in nearby residential streets.

Mr Khan’s pledge raises more questions than answers. Does the plan include Regent Street? How would he circumvent one of the main east-west thoroughfares in the city? Re-routing significant traffic while maintaining our transport routes would require in-depth planning.

Air pollution must be considered a major health issue and finding ways to tackle it, such as bringing forward the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, should be a priority for the new mayor. However, stopping traffic flowing down London’s most famous shopping street is not the answer.

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