My letter in @WestEndExtra last week on Accommodation for Met Police officers

Last week I had a letter published in local newspaper, West End Extra, which read as follows:

‘There have been real efforts to find affordable accommodation for Met Police officers’

I have noted some letters in relation to the issues surrounding the difficulty of police officers being able to find accommodation in or close to the boroughs in which they serve. 

While I was working as adviser to the former Deputy Mayor for Policing, Stephen Greenhalgh, for the last four years, we undertook a project working with Peabody Housing to provide homes for serving police officers in and around central London, including Westminster.

The pilot has been successful and it was proposed to broaden this to the other major housing associations to ensure that there was a reasonable supply of affordable homes available to police officers.

It should also be noted that some police officers have significant reservations about living in the boroughs in which they serve due to concerns as to personal security and that of their families.

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