#NightTube Launch this Friday

This Friday, 19th, the first stage of the Night Tube is due to launch.

As many will be aware, Friday will see the launch of services on the Central and Victoria lines, with services on other lines following in the autumn.

Transport for London have been in communication with residents living near tube stations that will be part of Friday's launch, and I would like to extend this information to all residents.

If you have any concerns or issues with the Night Tube, such as disturbance from noise, please contact the Customer Service centre on 0343 222 1234. Alternatively you could visit www.tfl.gov.uk/contact or write to: TfL Customer Services, 4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk, London, SE10 0ES 

The Night Tube will be a great addition to London's international appeal, and to its economy, but as a councillor my first concern has to be for the area and residents that I represent on Westminster City Council.

My Huffington Post blog, published towards the end of last year, outlines my thoughts about the Night Tube. You can view that here.

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