@BerW1ckStMarket‪ #Christmas Lights Switch On With Joanna Lumley- 6th December

The Christmas Lights in Berwick Street Market, Soho, will be switched on by Joanna Lumley on Tuesday 6th December.

The event will take place at 6pm.

There will be a selection of drinks and nibbles on offer.

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3 Responses to “@BerW1ckStMarket‪ #Christmas Lights Switch On With Joanna Lumley- 6th December”

  1. Shame we have Lumley switching on our xmas lights. This woman is a philistine. She is trying to privatise the last section of public open land on the Southbank for a huge retail landing building for her vile private Garden Bridge (she is trustee of the Garden Bridge trust)...which in turn will ruin expansive historic open views of the river. £60m of the public purse has already been spent on this private £185m bridge. Check out www.tcos.org.uk who are trying to stop the building of this corporate monstrosity.

  2. Shameful Lumley publicity. She claimes the idea of the PRIVATE garden bridge was hers. Costing £185 million, a huge waste of money and resources. A Greenwashed concrete edifice destroying the avenue of Riverside trees on Southbank and mature trees on the Northbank. Also she has left the elderly Ghurkas and their thousands of dependants in Aldershot to rot. Insulting the residents to boot. Lumley is an actress And definitely not what she appears to be. Check www.tcos.org.uk

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