New Soho Special Status in Future Planning

A newly revised version of the Westminster City Plan, covering 2019 to 2040, has been drafted following an extensive review process.

The plan sets out a long-term vision for the buildings and spaces where we all live, work and have fun.

Key to the plan is a desire to build more affordable homes, the regeneration of areas around Victoria and Paddington and the introduction of a neighbourly development policy.

Once this revision has been made, it will be the ‘local plan’ for Westminster. Throughout, the plan prioritises sustainability, and encourages walking and cycling.

The plan also identifies ‘specialist clusters’, places whose character adds significantly to our community including Soho, Mayfair and Savile Row in West End Ward.

This is the first time specific provisions have been made for Soho in planning policies in this way and the City Plan reflects its unique character and proposes new guidelines to protect and enhance the existing scale and type of buildings and the mixture of styles and functions. This includes support for small creative businesses and housing to meet the needs of Soho residents and workers. Music venues, specialist shops and other activities that make Soho what it is are all encouraged. 

By contrast, there will be a limit on the size of new hotels with none more than 2,500 sq m and new cafes and restaurants will be subject to greater consideration of the cumulative impact they make on the area. The green spaces of Soho Square, Golden Square and St Anne’s Churchyard are highlighted for protection and future enhancement.

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