About The Blog

West End Ward is the most exciting diverse and complicated Ward in the City of Westminster.

As Ward Councillor there are always issues relating to Planning, Licensing (where we have several hundred licensed premises) Transport where Crossrail passes beneath the northern part of the Ward and we have some of the most challenging issues on Oxford Street buses, Pedicabs, Parking, Taxis and Black Cabs and Coaches serving the night time economy.

Crime and anti-social behaviour especially that associated with Licenced premises require a constant dialogue with the Police working with the Safe Neighbourhood Teams throughout the Ward. The most intense of these challenges relate to Soho where special resources are always required to deal with the on Street Drugs Trade etc.

Mayfair also has its own area of intensive activity (in and around Shepherd’s Market) and pressure is on the rest of the Ward in Fitzrovia and East Marylebone for more leisure uses restaurants, bars etc.

It is part of my job to ensure that there is a proper balance between legitimate business activity and residential amenity and I work with the Amenity Socities, Business Associations and other interested groups to help maintain such balance. Please let me have your thoughts and comments on any of the issues in this ‘blog’ either generally or on the specific applications as they appear.

This can be fed into the consultation process and help to ensure your voice is heard.